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Episode 12: How to Make Alfredo Pasta

This week we are going to show off our first recipe!  Easy to follow instructions will have you cooking like a pro in no time, so be sure to let us know what you think!


This week we show you how to make a nice Alfredo pasta!
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The Herb Superb–Cilantro

Herb-Thumbnail-100x100-GelCoriandrum sativum
A polarizing herb, Cilantro inspires feelings on both sides of the fence.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  Whatever your feelings, we can still appreciate the flavors that this herb brings to the party.

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Marinades–Types and Recipes

Peppermill-ThumbnailI could write volumes on the virtues of marinades, but I will try to contain myself. The main job of a marinade is to add flavor and to tenderize the product. This is especially helpful when we are using tougher cuts of meats. There are essentially two types of marinades, wet and dry. So let’s tackle them in turn.

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Truffle scented Deviled Eggs

There are two things that top my list for Best Ever Foods, one is Foie Gras, the other is White Truffles.  There is something about the earthy goodness of the Truffle that just makes them wonderful.  These particular eggs made a splash at my recreation of the Last Meal on the Titanic dinner.

Now before you get scared off by thinking Truffles cost $1,000 a pound (they do at my Wegman’s), there is a great way to get their flavor, without the cost, in White Truffle Oil. 

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