Go Go Gadget Peeler!

Well, take me back to my old Nickelodeon days on that reference, but still, it is time to talk about a great kitchen gadget.  It is a peeler, albeit a very special peeler and one I am sure will find its way into your drawer.  This peeler, made by Joseph Joseph found its way into mine, to be sure!


What makes this peeler stand out is that it is a three in one.  It has three separate blades, all used for different purposes.  The trick is when you pop the disc in the center and the blades unlock and rotate!

The set of blades first is your standard peeler, and it is nice, doesn’t take too much flash and fits comfortably in your hand.  A good all around peeler.  Next we rotate the peeler and we find a serrated edge which is great for peeling more gentle things like tomatoes.  Last is the cool blade, and what made me buy this in the first place, it is a julienne blade.  Great for just shaving a gorgeous cut of julienne carrot on top of a salad, and things like that.

The peeler itself is easy to use, and I find it has quickly become my go-to peeler.  Believe me when I say I have tried a lot.  From your basic one like mom had, to the Y peelers of a few years back, and most in between.  This one continues to come out time and time again.  I can get lost in the Joseph Joseph website, a creator of wonderful gadgets indeed, and of a great quality.  It is sturdy and fits in the palm of your hand easily.  I don’t know why there is the metal ring, but I guess if you were unsure exactly when you would need it, one could attach a leash to it and wear it around your neck.  I would, however, caution against using it as a keychain.

Happy Cooking!

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