It’s a Blender, on a stick.

Blenders are great tools to have in the kitchen, and bar for that matter.  It is a widely under-utilized tool, and can help you create great cream soups, smoothies, and wonderful salad dressings.


Also called the Immersion Blender, this blender came straight out of commercial kitchens and into the home.  The first instance of using a device in this matter was when I was about 19 and working in a restaurant that is no longer with us.  It was a custom made mixer blade on a 4 foot pole that we attached into a drill and then blended the 20 gallon container.

Luckily for you, these can be found inexpensively and relatively easy to find and use.  I find this is a great gift to give friends who cook and it is one thing I can’t live without.

The beauty of the immersion blender is the ability to use it directly in the pot that you just used to cook in.  This is great for two reasons, number one is that you save yourself, or your favorite love muffin, from having to clean an additional pot.  The other reason is that if you have ever tried to blend a hot liquid in a regular blender, it can wind up either throwing hot food everywhere, no fun, or bare minimum blow the top off the blender itself.

If you are making something like a dressing, the best way to use it is to get a tall thin vessel that you can use to mix in.  Most blenders even come with one of these.  I would recommend a heavier one as it helps to hold it steady while you are blending, and that will allow you to take your time adding ingredients in, which is crucial to not breaking a vinaigrette!

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A good quality blender should be of sealed construction and easy to wash.  Some of them have a few different attachments, ranging from a blade, to a chopper, and whip.

Again, its one of those devices that you can find cheaper, but if it is a tool you are going to keep and use for a long time, its worth spending a bit more than the less expensive ones.

Follow the directions included, obviously, and always be sure not to submerge the gears and the joint segments of the blender.   I would not put one of these in the dishwasher, but other than that it is easy to keep clean.

One of the best uses is for a milkshake, or smoothie, take your choice, and enjoy!!

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