Gadget of the week – Silicone Rubber Bands

Silicone bands are a great alternative to using string and twine as I will show you how to do tomorrow.  These little guys are great for tying foods together, holding roasts, and for trussing a chicken.  One of the benefits of using them is the fact they are reusable!

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Basically you just wrap them around food like a rubber band, then cook with them in place.  The beauty is they can sustain temperatures up to 600 degrees F and that makes them perfect for oven use.

The only caveat I have found when it comes to using them is that they are difficult to remove sometimes, and you don’t want to cut them.

I found these are starting to gain in popularity and you can find them in cooking stores, and on line pretty easily, and they are rather affordable.  So pick up a set and get to playing!

Happy Cooking!

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