30 Second Quick Tip!

So I thought I would try something new and give you readers a quick tip.  These can range from something obvious, but not thought of, to something that can make a huge difference in your cooking, maybe even both!

Today my quick tip is health focused, since this weather is keeping us all under the weather as we dress hoping for warm weather, only to be disappointed!

WASH YOUR HANDS, frequently in the cooking process.  Make sure to use an anti-bacterial soap and do this every time you change products.

WASH YOUR FOOD, when it makes sense.  Always wash your veggies, despite how clean they are!

WASH YOUR UTENSILS, as frequently as your Hands if you are using them for multiple things.

WASH YOUR BOARDS, and use a little bit of bleach water, 10%, at the end to rinse them, then let them air dry completely before putting them away.

Happy Cooking!

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