Episode 11: Roasting Peppers

Today we are dealing with roasting peppers.  I do this over an open flame on my stove, but you can do it just as easily in an oven.   Lightly coat the pepper with olive oil, place you oven on Broil Low, and put them in on the middle tray.  Check on them every minute and a half, turning as needed.  Then finish them off like I say in the vid!  You can also put the oven on 400 and just leave them in there for 30-45 minutes as well.  Be careful of the juices that could come out!

Roasting Peppers on The Kitchen Hacker!
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2 Responses to Episode 11: Roasting Peppers

  1. Pat says:

    Nom nom nom!!!

    My tongs are longer … Nah Nah!


    Oh, and I use a paper bag instead of a plastic container for the steaming part
    (since I am usually doing about 6 or more at a time on the grill)

  2. C Adams says:

    We use the gas grill on high, lid down, about 10-12 minutes until blacked on all sides. Drop them in an airtight rubbermaid or plastic wrapped ceramic bowl to steam.

    Another good topic Chris.

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