Support TKH

First, Thanks for your interest in supporting TKH!

#1 The best way to help support this project, is free! Simply TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Share us and our videos and help us get the word out.

#2 Buy our products. We do receive a bit of funding from sales of the gadgets through Amazon. If you find something, please link from the site so we get credit. You already are going to buy that awesome Le Creuset pan, so why not!

#3 Tell someone you love about us!

#4 Buy our t-shirts and designs at Cafepress. We have a small store set up at Cafepress and they are mostly kitchen focused. If you see something you like, great! If there is something you want, drop us a line!!

#5 Have you friended us on Facebook yet?

#6 You can donate straight away through PayPal. Any cash goes directly to the purchase of food and products for the show/site. Hey I like rack of lamb, but it gets expensive you know!

#7 Tell your friends and family!

#8 Send us your suggestions and recipes! let us know what has gone great for you! Send us photos too!

#9 Comment on stuff!

#10 Be a guest writer! Are you a professional? Well I can use some help! I would love to get more than one article a day up! I also am not as skilled in the baking category, so any help is appreciated!

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