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Safety 06-Food Contamination

We will continue our food safety regime this week with a very important component, contamination.  Food is considered contaminated when it contains a hazardous substance.  They can be either physical, biological or chemical.  Most common is the the biological which … Continue reading

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30 Second Quick Tip!

So I thought I would try something new and give you readers a quick tip.  These can range from something obvious, but not thought of, to something that can make a huge difference in your cooking, maybe even both!

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Safety 05-What Microorganisms Need to Grow

They say that most of the time you have the 24 hour flu, you have actually been food poisoned.  This is one reason we should talk about what a microorganism needs to grow, so that we can prevent that from … Continue reading

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Safety 04-Potentially Hazardous Foods

When it comes to keeping a safe kitchen, we have talked about a few of the key compenets with how to store and cross contamination.  Now its time to talk about what exactly we need to be careful WITH.

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Safety 02-Cross Contamination and You…

Cross contamination happens when bacteria can move from one product to another, which will contaminate the foods.  This is typically done by improper cleaning of cutting boards, knives, work surfaces, hands and anything else that can come in contact with … Continue reading

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