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Whistle while you Whisk

So we are talking this week about emulsions, and one of the tools we have mentioned is a kitchen classic, the whisk.  This is the oldest form of making an emulsion we have, and while they all might look alike, … Continue reading

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Gadget of the week – Silicone Rubber Bands

Silicone bands are a great alternative to using string and twine as I will show you how to do tomorrow.  These little guys are great for tying foods together, holding roasts, and for trussing a chicken.  One of the benefits … Continue reading

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It’s a Blender, on a stick.

Blenders are great tools to have in the kitchen, and bar for that matter.  It is a widely under-utilized tool, and can help you create great cream soups, smoothies, and wonderful salad dressings.  

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Go Go Gadget Peeler!

Well, take me back to my old Nickelodeon days on that reference, but still, it is time to talk about a great kitchen gadget.  It is a peeler, albeit a very special peeler and one I am sure will find … Continue reading

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Knife Types and Some Help Choosing

Arguably the most individual and most important part of any Chef’s toolkit is the knife. We take the tools so seriously that we even have rolls that we keep them in, and truck them back and forth. Any good chef’s … Continue reading

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